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"Córdoba is a temple worthy of all types of praise whose entrancing beauty revives the spirit of the beholder..."

Jerónimo Sánchez

"Does the artistic construction of such a great building not without cause inspire admiration in the men contemplating the number and height of its marble columns?""

Jerónimo Sánchez

"Grandiose in size, rich in the preciousness of its materials and extraordinary and unique for its bold construction"

Ramírez de las Casas Deza

"Unique building with a history spanning eight centuries"

Rafael Moneo

"A monument whose greatness lies in being the chronicle of a long history: perhaps no other work of architecture can tell us the history of Spain"

Rafael Moneo

"A work whose most valuable attribute is its ability to absorb, the way it can incorporate and integrate such diverse elements"

Rafael Moneo

"All around the monument there is a hidden architecture, not only in the building we are seeing but also in that which the spectator makes the effort to imagine. It is an architecture made of pieces. Large pieces of ancient times"

Gabriel Ruiz Cabrero

"The Cathedral has been the best archaeological umbrella that the Mosque could have had, allowing for its conservation to the present day"

Gabriel Ruiz Cabrero

"One of its most exciting features is that it has been used every day for the whole of its life, it has not been abandoned for even one day"

Gabriel Rebollo Puig

Discovering the monument
Opening times and tickets

Plan your visit to the Mosque-Cathedral Monumental Site of Cordoba. All the information on ticket options, opening times and the services offered 

The building

Discover one of the most beautiful and unique buildings in the world. This monument, a world heritage site, offers us an exceptional tour 

The Cathedral Chapter of Cordoba

This building is a temple and a monument. Since 1236, the chapter has been responsible for managing it, preserving its integrity and interpreting its heritage 

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