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Types of Visit

Types of Visit

The Mosque-Cathedral Monumental Site of Cordoba offers various visiting options. These different experiences allow visitors to come  and discover the history of a building that is unique in the world

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An exceptional, breath-taking building that thrills. The mirror through which we can see a constant dialogue between faith and culture

The Monumental Ensemble Mosque-Cathedral of Córdoba proposes the beautiful complexity of the integration of the most diverse styles and artistic supports. From Hellenism to the Baroque, through the caliphal splendor, this building gives us a complete and unrepeatable vision of Art History, a rich dialogue between cultures.

His trajectory, as primitive Visigoth basilica, Aljama and later Cathedral, gives a good account that we are facing a living building, a building that has perpetuated itself over the centuries. We are facing an exceptional and prodigious architecture that continues to provoke the emotion and perplexity of everyone who contemplates it.


  • 10€

  • Reduced price: €5  for children aged 10 to 14 and the disabled

  • Free.  Those born and/or resident in Córdoba, children under 10 and "Andalucía Junta 65" cardholders 

  • Special conditions for groups of students, the disabled and the elderly, subject to authorisation

  • Tickets can only be purchased at the ticket office in the Orange Tree Courtyard

Information and services

  • Information point

  • Explanatory map-leaflet for the Mosque-Cathedral Monumental Site of Cordoba. Available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Arabic and Japanese

  • Guides for hire

  • Audio guides:  €4.00.  Available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese and Russian

  • Kids audio guides:  €4.00.  Available in Spanish, English and French 

  • Multimedia guide: 5,50€.  Available in Spanish and English 

  • Kids multimedia guide: 5,50€.  Available in Spanish and English 

  • Radio guides: €1.25. Must be used for groups of over 10 people with a guide

  • Toilets and disabled toilets

  • Wheelchairs

  • Material for the blind. Available at the ticket office at the Monumental Site

  • Baby changer

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Bell Tower

Enjoy unique architecture that allows you to see the building and the city from a new perspective

The Bell Tower is without doubt one of the most emblematic icons of the urban physiognomy of the city of Cordoba. Closed to the public in the 1990s, in November 2014 it once again opened to the public as a new visitor attraction.

Not only is it a magnificent example of architecture, it is also a wonderful lookout point, the highest in Cordoba. From here you can see the Monumental Site and the city from a new perspective.


  • 2€

  • Free.  Those born and/or resident in Cordoba (officially accredited)

More Information

  • Explanatory map-leaflet

Night Visit

The Soul of Cordoba

A unique way to visit the monument

"The Soul of Cordoba" offers us a new and surprising way to rediscover the architectural site. Light, sound and image come together to offer the visitor in-depth information about the monument, from an art-history perspective and in terms of its religious significance. 

Heritage and technology combine to create a journey for the senses. This night tour starts at the Orange Tree Courtyard with a film that looks at the history of the building and the city. Visitors then tour the Monumental Site and learn about its most important features.


  •   €18

  • Reduced price: €9  Pensioners (officially accredited), the disabled and students aged up to 26

  • Free. Children under 7 (without audio guide and accompanied by an adult with a valid ticket)

  • Tickets can be reserved and purchased before the start of the tour at the ticket office of the Monumental Site, on the Internet and through El Corte Inglés  department stores

More Information

  • Visits available in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Japanese, Arabic and Russian

  • The visit takes around 1 hour

  • The maximum capacity for each visit is 100 people

Other groups

Groups of students, the elderly and the disabled

Some social groups may benefit from reduced price or free entry to the Mosque-Cathedral Monumental Site of Cordoba. This is the case for associations working with the elderly, students and the disabled. These group visits must be arranged in advanced by completing the booking form. 

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